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Disney vs. 7 early fairytales 

The 1812 version of Snow White is even worse when you consider that the girl was only seven years old in the tale (plus her unconscious body ended up being carted around by the prince until one of his servants accidentally woke her up).  Also, in The Little Mermaid, the mermaid’s unable to speak because she had her tongue cut out >__<

But I’d love to see faithful adaptations of the original tales.  Especially Bluebeard.  We need a Bluebeard adaptation.

Actually, the original-original pre-Grimm Brothers’ stories that were passed around Europe via oral tradition are nowhere near as violent as the Grimm’s made them. Cinderella’s stepsisters were never ugly and kept their eyes, Snow White’s mother was not even a villain (instead a group of bandits were), and instead of spending the whole story napping Sleeping Beauty outwitted a dangerous bandit leader, wouldn’t let him sleep with her, and saved herself. 

The original oral stories were radically changed by the Brothers Grimm to fit their personal and political beliefs. Most notably, they often added in female characters solely for the purpose of making them evil villains and took away most of the heroines’ agency and intelligence. Both brothers belonged to a small fanatical sect of Catholicism that vilified women because of the idea of Original Sin and Wilhelm in particular had a particularly deep hatred of women. The Grimms were actually pretty horrible people. Those cannibalistic queens and ugly stepsisters and the mass amount of violence against women didn’t exist until the Grimms wanted them to. Their ideas stuck so soundly though that we now assume they were in the original tales and that these terrible characters and ideas come out of some perceived barbaric Old World culture. But in truth they’re really the Grimms’ weird obsession with hating women showing through. The original oral folklore focused on the heroes’ and heroines’ good deeds and used them as ways to teach cultural norms and a society’s rules and encouraged girls to be quick-witted and street-savvy instead of passive princesses, and the Grimms promptly stripped that all away. 

"Grimms Bad Girls and Bold Boys" by Ruth Bottingheimer is an excellent book on this

We had to read The Book of Lost Things for school and it’s Grimm level crazy 

Not only that, you’re skipping out a really important thing: the brother’s grimm got those tales from WOMEN, women were the ones who would tell these tales orally and the brother’s grimm took them, altered them to be sexist and never gave the women credit. You can read Clever Maids the Secret History The Grimm Fairytales for more info

reblogging for the excellent commentary

Yeah, the Brother’s Grimm definitely had issues, but what I want to talk about is Sun, Moon, and Talia. Like, the rape was just the first phase of that story. Talia wakes up, and goes to the King’s court with her kids, and his wife is furious and orders the cook to feed the kids to her husband. The cook goes ‘wow, no’ and hides the kids, but the wife doesn’t know about that and so gloats after he’s done his meal. Like, wow, the Brothers Grimm are not the be all and end all of fairy tales, and they can be seriously fucked up and dark.

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A few Bisexuals in History you may not have known were Bisexual:

  • William Shakespeare
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Josephine Baker
  • David Bowie
  • Frank Ocean
  • Azealia Banks
  • Billie Joel Armstrong
  • Margret Cho 

“I call myself bisexual because I acknowledge in myself the potential to be attracted, romantically and/or sexually, to people of more than one sex, not necessarily at the same time, not necessarily in the same way, and not necessarily to the same degree.”  -Robyn Orch

My coworker texted me while watching the Ken Burns Roosevelt documentary to tell me about how historians think Eleanor Roosevelt may have been bisexual because she may have had a female lover.

"did they say bisexual?" I said (already knowing the answer)

"No," was all my coworker said, but the fact that my coworker saw or heard "bisexual" when shown a woman who had romantic and sexual ties to men and women instead of taking historians at their face value and perpetuating the binary meant so much to me (as did the fact that she texts me whenever she hears bisexual news. I’m not her token bi friend, but I may be her only bi friend)

Yeah, I’ve been watching the Ken Burn’s documentary, and I was actually annoyed with how they handled it. They just kept referring to Hickok as “very close friends” over and over again. Even while reading excerpts of the letters which make it PRETTY CLEAR THAT THEY WERE HAVING AN AFFAIR. Like, they were planning to build a cottage int he wood to live in together. We can put two and two together. But no. “VERY GOOD FRIENDS” is all they would actually say. “VERY INTENSE FRIENDSHIP.” Such friendship. Yes. Wow. 

But they are doing the same with with FDR and his multiple affairs too. Ah yes. FDR and Missy having such a….good friendship. Absolutely. MHm. Like…you can just admit that both of them were having all kinds of affairs ya know? We won’t be that scandalized. It’s ok. 

The only issue I have with this list is the inclusion of William Shakespeare.  I teach Shakespeare, and I’ve never seen any documentation that suggested or backed-up the claim that he was bisexual… just interpretive theories of selected works.  Which is hardly solid evidence.  They’re backed up as much as the theories that Shakespeare’s plays were actually written by Marlowe or Francis Bacon.

I have nothing against the idea that he is, and would even give me something more to talk about in class… (wouldn’t even surprise me, frankly) but I’m not going to do that based on pure speculation and wishful thinking.

I don’t mean to poo-poo on any parades… but if it’s supposed to give inspiration to young bisexuals to make themselves feel better, doing so with Shakespeare is giving false inspiration.  It’s lying to make someone feel better, and that never works out like we hope.  Besides, there’s plenty of figures (more relatable ones, even) from the past 200 years to give that inspiration… such as the individuals from the rest of the list.

Show me the citation and the evidence… and I’ll listen.  But seeing as how there isn’t a whole heck of a lot that was written on Shakespeare and his personal life… I seriously doubt that such credible evidence exists.

I teach Shakespeare too. 

One hundred and twenty six of his love sonnets were addressed explicitly to a man (“Fair Lord” and “FairYouth”) Whether or not this is always to an ACTUAL man or to an imagined man (like a muse) is unclear, but many of these same poems were DEDICATED to  a patron “Mr. W. H.” This could be one of a few of his patrons Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton and William Herbert, 3rd Earl of Pembroke. 

And we arent just talking about any old Sonnets here. We’re talking about some of the BIG ones. His “Dark Lady” sonnets are some of his best known ones written for women, but some of his “Fair Lord” sonnets include “Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s Day?” (The “master-mistress” of his affections indeed.) 

And YES, there is always a degree of speculation that goes into historical figures like Shakespeare. And so little of Shakespeare’s personal records have survived today that we are reying heavily on his artistic works.  But it’s hard not to look at the Dark Lady sonnets and the Fair Lord sonnets side by side and reach this conclusion unless you are eyeballs up in heteronormativity. 

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Sep 23 '14

It’s Celebrate Bisexuality Day!


Bisexual Awareness Week exists to help draw attention to the public policy concerns of bisexual people while also celebrating the resiliency of bisexual culture and community.

Throughout #BiWeek, allies and bi people learn about the history, culture, community and current policy priorities of bi communities. (x)

About Bisexual Awareness Week

8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Bisexual Community

Myths and Stereotypes De-Bunked

Remembering Brenda: The first pride was organized by a bisexual woman


Bi Brigade: For Bisexuals, By Bisexuals: Website, Advocate article


Understanding Issues Facing Bisexual Americans

GLAAD Reference Guide: Covering the Bisexual Community


If anyone has anymore resources/articles they want to link, feel free to add on!

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I am going to print this out, laminate it, and keep it with my gloves and spade.

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VIDEO: “Golden Is The New Black” is OITNB’s Love Child with The Golden Girls

Carmen’s Team Pick: Sometimes I feel like people are reading my mind when I watch viral videos on the Internet.

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Sep 9 '14
in which I make my roommate&#8217;s cat into an armored shouting ball of ferocity. For she is the Babiest of cats, and strikes fear in the hearts of ghosts and men alike.

in which I make my roommate’s cat into an armored shouting ball of ferocity. For she is the Babiest of cats, and strikes fear in the hearts of ghosts and men alike.

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so i was scrollin along on the internet, minding my own business when


okay wtf they can’t be serious


they’re serious


this looks like my new favorite place to shop.

Clint Barton’s favorite shop.

I live down the street from them


I may have this shop already in my bookmarks under “resources”

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Aug 24 '14


Whenever people point to Mary Shelley and say “a woman invented sci-fi you know” I just think “well, I mean, technically a woman invented the whole concept of authoring books as far as we can tell but hey who’s keeping track”

(Source: Wikipedia)

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Aug 24 '14


Some of my favorite books from my collection. Hope you enjoy and find an artist you enjoy!

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