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Aug 4 '13

another doodle set, this time Guild Wars 2 themed. already in the time between snapping these and when they’ll post I’ve drawn Skcox.

Includes some snippets of character building, since I’ve amassed more than a few and I like thinking about how different circumstances throughout the world would affect different people. Especially with my characters of the same race, I like thinking about how their pre-game lives and current approaches differ.

Because everyone has to deal with the Z problem, but I’m really interested in getting more living story that gets into the issues you get through to get there. Like, Thaumanova was a CITY, those are refugees, not every PC can have come from Rata Sum itself or it’s direct suburbs. Or how do you decide flashy lights is your calling in life in a culture that so values naturalism and hand-to-hand combat? And how much would your cousin who carries around a bear cub in a baby sack have zero time for your David Bowie shit?

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